Harrell Dental Implant Center believes in providing our clients with the best technology available. Advanced tools allow us to obtain a clear picture of your teeth and gums and plan for the optimal implant therapy to give you a healthy and brilliant smile. Some of our favorite tools of the trade for providing outstanding dental implant treatment include:

  • Cerec Omnicam
  • Sirona Cone Beam CT Scanner
  • Sicat Digital Implant Guides
  • nSequence Digitally Guided Protocol for All-on-4
  • Dexis Digital Intraoral X-ray
  • SIROLaser
  • Periostat Implant Testing Tool
  • Sidexis Implant Planning Software

Sirona Cone Beam CT Scanner

Imagine being able to experience lower doses of radiation while obtaining up to 500 images in a single scan. The Sironal Cone Beam CT Scanner has revolutionized dentistry and made dental implants much easier to plan and place from start to finish.


Today’s patients demand the most advanced dental care. This is why 3D visualization and treatment plan acceptance go hand-in-hand: to guide your patients to a better understanding of your diagnoses, increasing both their trust and treatment plan acceptance. Our line of 3D products allows more precision, efficient workflow, safety and confidence. Whether you are a specialist or a practice-based dentist, the Sirona 3D family offers a solution to meet your unique needs. See more at Sirona 3D

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CEREC Omnicam Showcases Intraoral Features With Ease

This tiny wand offers a wealth of knowledge and unsurpassed imagery. Harrell Dental Implant Center uses this special tool to gather 3D images in order to build same-day crowns and complete the planning process for surgical guides for dental implant surgery in Charlotte. Here’s more:

CEREC Omnicam’s revolutionary design features a completely new, ergonomic handpiece and special optics to guarantee un-surpassed intraoral access. New ColorStreaming allows continuous capture of the oral cavity as well as displaying the 3D data in full color – an industry first. Operator convenience has been greatly improved by making the system completely powder-free while retaining Sirona’s high standards for precision.

CEREC Omnicam perfectly balances all requirements for a chairside CAD/CAM camera with operator convenience while introducing another Sirona first – full color. Other new features and benefits:

  • Records 2D and 3D data, the first intraoral camera to do so
  • Captures half-arch and full-arch impressions with industry-leading speed
  • Anti-shake features automatically eliminate substandard images
  • Provides a uniform field of illumination for increased precision

Designed for Access

Slim, rounded camera tube allows easy rotation of the camera in the intraoral space. The tiny camera tip guarantees the best lens positioning anywhere in the mouth.

Color Streaming for Confidence

As the camera moves over teeth, a photorealistic image is displayed in full-color with crisp clarity and impeccable detail delivering a new level of clinical confidence. See more at Sirona

Let Us Help You Find Your Smile Again

Make an appointment with us today for your free dental implant consultation. Dr. Harrell will assess your needs, answer any questions you might have and show you your best course of treatment. Call 704-206-1330 or use the contact form on the website to schedule your appointment. During your visit a complimentary digital smile preview (an $85 value) will be created to show how you will appear when your implants are in place.

Learn more about the advanced technology at Harrell Dental Implant Center in the following video: