This is Jerri. She came to see us a few years ago with some serious concerns about her smile. She had been through some major health challenges and had lost many of her upper teeth, leaving her with a broken and collapsed smile. We were excited to help and created a plan to restore her beautiful smile using dental implants and a guided smile procedure.

Jerri moved from New Jersey to Charlotte several years ago. Not being from the area, she did a lot of research about dentists and dental implant procedures before reaching out. We’re thankful that she found our office and read so many of our wonderful Google reviews. After her first phone call, she told us that she was sure she had found the right place to give her her smile back.

We did a workup for Jerri and made a plan to see her for surgery in about six weeks. On the day of the procedure, she was escorted back to our specially-built surgery room and greeted by our anesthesiologist. When she was safely off to sleep, we restored her smile with six dental implants. We were able to screw an immediate provisional bridge to the implants that same day.

Take a look at Jerri’s before and after photos. What an amazing transformation. She’s so happy with her new smile. Her only wish is that she had done it sooner.

We’re just thrilled that we had the opportunity to help. It’s such an honor to be able to provide life-changing treatments for wonderful people such as Miss Jerri.

If you’re in a similar situation, searching for someone to help you with your dental problems, please call us today. We have hundreds of happy patients and many of them are available to chat with you to share their own experiences. Don’t wait any longer for the smile you deserve.


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