Jerri: All-0n-Six Dental Implants for a transforming smile

This is Jerri. She came to see us a few years ago with some serious concerns about her smile. She had been through some major health challenges and had lost many of her upper teeth, leaving her with a broken and collapsed smile. We were excited to help and created a plan to restore her beautiful smile using dental implants and a guided smile procedure. Jerri moved from New Jersey to Charlotte several years ago. Not being from the area, she did a lot of research about dentists and dental implant procedures before reaching [...]

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Jennifer: Smile Makeover

Jennifer’s chief complaint was the splotchy color in her enamel. The condition, called fluorosis, is typically a result of having too much fluoride as a child. She told us she wanted a more uniform and even color, while maintaining a tooth size and shape that was proportional to the rest of her beautiful face. Porcelain veneers were the ideal solution. The procedure took just three appointments spread over the course of about four weeks. With proper home care, seeing us twice a year for cleanings and checkups, and wearing her night guard as prescribed, [...]

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Grace: All-on-4 Dental Implants

Grace was a patient who had failing upper dentition. She was missing many of her upper teeth and wearing an upper partial denture. She had heard bad things about dentures and did not want to have to rely on one. We did an upper All-on-4 procedure with six implants. It's interesting to note that “All-on-4” is the original trade name coined by the manufacturer, but in our practice we typically place five or six implants when it’s possible. We feel that over engineering these types of cases only results in higher success rates, better [...]

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