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Barbara T – Cosmetic makeover with Crowns and Veneers – Case Study

Barbara is a wonderful lady who came to see us after putting off restoring her smile for many years. She said she just couldn’t stand to look in the mirror any longer and see her smile looking so tired and yellow. After our exam, we drew up a plan to restore her upper teeth with 12 veneers.

The before and after pictures show how well it worked. Barbara was […]

Dental Implants: Their Benefits and Your Options

Taking care of your teeth is not a luxury, it is a need. Having a presentable smile goes a long way in boosting your confidence and self-esteem. Anything that affects the appearance of your teeth, such as an accident that leaves you with one or more broken teeth, needs immediate attention. Plus, it’s not just your looks that are affected. You may also have difficulty eating and speaking. […]

Overhaul Your Smile With One Of Four Dental Implant Options

Dental implants are the best way to secure artificial teeth. Whether you are filling a small gap or replacing all the teeth in your mouth, studies show that individuals missing one or multiple teeth have the best overall success rate with dental implants. Dental implants most closely match the look and function of your original teeth thanks to the surgically placed titanium posts that act like your natural tooth […]

Jerri: All-0n-Six Dental Implants for a transforming smile

This is Jerri. She came to see us a few years ago with some serious concerns about her smile. She had been through some major health challenges and had lost many of her upper teeth, leaving her with a broken and collapsed smile. We were excited to help and created a plan to restore her beautiful smile using dental implants and a guided smile procedure.

Jerri moved from […]

Denture Stabilization With Dental Implants at HDIC

Harrell Dental Implant Center has your tooth replacement needs covered. We are experts in the field with decades of experience restoring smiles and oral health with implants. If you are considering implant treatment, you probably have lots of questions. Our professional team is here to answer them all. From pre- and post-operative care to helping you find payment assistance and every aspect in between, HDIC is here to […]

Let’s Talk: Traditional Bridge vs. Dental Implant Bridge

While some dental restorations are a one-and-done solution, traditional dental bridges are not. With enough time, complications will arise that require them to be replaced. For instance, they can erode the healthy, anchor teeth that support the bridge, permanently damaging them. Plaque, biofilm and oral bacteria commonly become trapped by the metal rings that secure the bridge to your teeth. This can create a host of decay issues […]

Smile Again With All-on-4 Dental Implants

Your smile is a powerful and precious part of who you are. This often stands at odds with the fact that we put our teeth through a lot of stress every day. We inundate our mouths with foods and beverages and medications. We chew on ice cubes and hard things that can harm our enamel. Sometimes we grind our teeth at night or while concentrating or lifting heavy […]

Investing In Patient Success With the Cone Beam CT Scanner

Harrell Dental Implant Center in Charlotte relies on the best dental technology to ensure patient success. The Cone Beam Scanner delivers precise visuals and exact measurements to facilitate excellent treatment results. Having the right tools for the job also allows us to share detailed information with our clients and answer any questions or concerns they have. Learn more about one of our favorite dental office tools below:

Dental Cone […]

New Year, New Smile…Make Dental Implants Your Priority In 2020

If any portion of the past decade was spent lamenting the quality of your smile, missing out on foods you enjoy or smiling and laughing less often because you have missing or damaged teeth, this is the year to do something about it. Dental implant therapy has never been more streamlined or affordable. Harrell Dental Implant Center, the leading implant provider in the Charlotte metro area, has the […]

Denture Stabilization With Implants Can Secure Your Smile

If you’re tired of fighting with your dentures on a daily basis, you’re not alone. One of the main reasons patients visit Harrell Dental Implant Center in Charlotte is because they’re having difficulty with their traditional dentures. Ill-fitting acrylic plates can feel like they’re swimming inside your mouth, making speaking, chewing and laughing uncomfortable. Over time, sores can develop from the constant gum irritation.

To end the problem of […]

What Factors Could Cause My Dental Implants To Fail?

At Harrell Dental Implant Center, we want our patients to be partners in their care. The only way that can happen is if they’re fully informed about the procedures involved in their treatment — the positives and any potential negatives. This is as true for dental implant therapy as any other treatment. Despite the overwhelming success rate for implants, problems can still arise — especially if there are […]

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