Is Dental Implant Therapy Possible for Diabetics?

//Is Dental Implant Therapy Possible for Diabetics?

Is Dental Implant Therapy Possible for Diabetics?


Dental implant therapy is becoming exponentially more popular with individuals from all walks of life. Even those with increased risk factors, such as diabetics, are interested in this booming method of smile restoration. The question is: Are implants a viable treatment option for them. Harrell Dental Implant Center in Charlotte, NC encourages diabetic patients to take a closer look at the data and make an informed decision.

Let’s start by examining the potential risks and why they exist:

Healing Problems and Dental Implant Surgery

People who suffer from diabetes tend to be more prone to infection than people who do not suffer from diabetes. After undergoing oral surgery and in the months afterward, there’s a chance of post-surgical infection and later problems with periodontal disease. Both can have a major impact on the effectiveness of implant dentistry treatment. Learn more from Dr. Andrew Glenn


HDIC Cares About Its Clients

Dr. Robert L. Harrell and his staff care deeply about all their implant patients. They want everyone to enjoy the best possible outcome regardless of the complexities. The good news is diabetes that is being adequately controlled by diet and/or medication isn’t likely to hinder proper healing from implant surgery. Of course, every patient’s situation is unique and requires individualized attention. The staff works closely with each implant recipient to minimize the odds of integration failure and increase the chances of complete success. This level of personalized care is particularly important for patients with diabetes. And despite the potential pitfalls, there are reasons for optimism:

Because implant placement requires minor surgery, dentists and researchers have long been concerned about whether dental implants are appropriate for diabetic patients. In the past few years, a growing number of studies have compared the outcomes of implant surgery on non-diabetics versus diabetics with good or poor glucose control. The recent results are encouraging: Many diabetics can indeed be good candidates for dental implants. Read more at Dear Doctor


Commitment to Oral Care

One key point to be made is that diabetics who are interested in restoring their smiles with dental implants must be firmly committed to good oral hygiene. This gives them the best chance of proper healing and long-term implant success. Continue reading to learn more:

While the risks are higher for diabetics, they can still get dental implants placed. It’s important for diabetics to be more attentive about their oral hygiene and dental care practices. This means brushing and flossing regularly and often, eating healthy, staying hydrated, and making sure their diabetes is in check. Learn more from Dr. Andrew Glenn

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