The process of placing dental implants begins with creating a small hole in the jawbone beneath the area in need of a replacement tooth. Dr. Harrell then places a surgical-grade titanium post into the hole. The post has threads similar to those on a screw, making it easier for the surrounding bone to fuse with the post. This process, known as “osseointegration,” is given ample time to complete, although in some instances a crown can be placed on the same day. Regardless, dental implants are topped with a porcelain crown. Combined with a solid anchor within the jaw, these types of crowns give patients full use of their new tooth. In fact, the function and appearance of dental implants is nearly identical to that of natural teeth.

In some cases, sufficient bone mass for placement of the titanium post may not be present in the jaw. Dr. Harrell can perform procedures that increase the bone density and create an ideal substrate for placing dental implants.

There are several dental implant variations that can be beneficial in a full-mouth reconstruction. Several teeth can be replaced with only two posts, or an entire arch of teeth may be seated on only 4 posts, a method known as “all on 4.” Finally, dental implants can be used to create far better dentures, including those which easily snap on and off.

When it comes to full-mouth reconstruction, dental implants are the most powerful tool for restoring your smile. Dr. Harrell has placed countless implants and has helped patients reclaim every aspect of their smile, from function to appearance. If you are ready for a happier and healthier lifestyle, call (704) 541-9888 today to schedule a free, no-obligation smile consultation with Dr. Harrell. During your consultation, a complimentary digital smile preview (an $85 value) will be created to show how you will look when your treatment is complete.