If a screw-retained bridge will be used, the first step is to remove the healing cap and screw a permanent abutment into the implant.
An impression will be made with the abutment in place. The abutment is shaped like a natural tooth that has been cut down to fit inside a crown.

At the next visit, the temporary bridge will be placed on the abutments. The temporary bridge will stay in place for four to eight weeks.

The temporary bridge is made of softer material than the permanent bridge. The softer material helps cushion and protect the implant from the pressure of chewing.

During the next visit, Dr. Harrell will test the fit of the metal framework that supports the porcelain bridge. If the framework doesn’t fit correctly, it will be adjusted and you will return for another try-in. It might take several visits before the fit is right. Dr. Harrell will see to it.

Once the metal framework fits, the rest of the bridge will be completed, and it will be placed in your mouth and secured.