Grace was a patient who had failing upper dentition. She was missing many of her upper teeth and wearing an upper partial denture. She had heard bad things about dentures and did not want to have to rely on one. We did an upper All-on-4 procedure with six implants. It’s interesting to note that “All-on-4” is the original trade name coined by the manufacturer, but in our practice we typically place five or six implants when it’s possible.

We feel that over engineering these types of cases only results in higher success rates, better patient satisfaction and increased longevity for the implant.

With excellent case planning, using our chrome guided smile process, we pre-planned the placement of all the implants, then designed and engineered the beautiful smile you see here.

Grace’s treatment was completed with a full zirconia hybrid implant bridge.
What an amazing smile transformation. We think she looks 20 years younger, and she is thrilled with the result.