Harrell Dental Implant Center wants your new dental implants to be permanent, look beautiful and feel secure. Your new smile will live up to these goals if you keep up with your regular cleanings at HDIC and give the proper attention to your self-care. Your at-home routine is essential to the longevity of your new teeth. Discover more below:

Daily Cleaning Is Essential For Implant Health

Cleaning implant-supported tooth replacements is just as important as cleaning natural teeth, as both depend on healthy surrounding tissues for support. Bacterial biofilm (plaque) collects on implant crowns just as it does on natural teeth, and must be removed on a daily basis at home. Without daily biofilm removal, infection can develop known as peri-implantitis (“peri” – around; implant “itis” – inflammation), which can result in loss of the attachment [between bone and implant]. Unlike inflammation around teeth, this reaction can be quite catastrophic both in rate and amount, quickly leading to a well- or dish-shaped loss of bone around an affected implant. Bone loss can rapidly progress to loss of the implant. Read more at Dear Doctor

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Smoking Can Dramatically Impair Implant Healing

Some clients plan their dental implant therapy well in advance. There are varying reasons for this, but one key motive is to give themselves time to quit smoking. This unhealthy habit is known to be one of the most detrimental practices around when it comes to proper implant healing. Good blood circulation is a vital part of optimum healing — smoking inhibits this process. Discover more about smoking and implants below:

If you’ve just gotten a dental implant, dental researchers advise you not to light up: smoking increases the risk of dental implant failure.

Spanish researchers studied 66 patients who received 165 implants and followed their progress for 5 years. The implant failure rate for smokers was 15.8 percent, compared to just 1.4 percent in nonsmokers.

“People who smoke are at greater risk of infection following surgery and may heal more slowly,” said Dr. Arturo Sanchez Perez, a researcher at the University of Murcia in Spain. “When an implant is placed in a smoker, it is more likely to fail.”

Implants are manufactured devices that are placed surgically in the upper or lower jaw, where they function as anchors for replacement teeth. Implants are made of titanium and other materials that are compatible with the human body. Read more at Colgate

dental implant center charlotte dentist ballantyne nc 28277 dr robert harrell best

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