Tooth loss is normal for children. When it happens, it’s cause for celebration. This definitely isn’t the case for adults, however. There aren’t other teeth coming replace the lost ones, and living without teeth isn’t viable without risking a host of problems. Most people will turn to dentures to deal with the problem — and subsequently discover that they’re a compromised solution. Bite force, stability and durability are all significantly weakened. This post will explore the challenges that come with traditional dentures and show how they can be mitigated with dental implants which can transform your dentures.

The Shortcomings of Traditional Dentures

Dental Implants Transform Dentures Harrell Dental Implant Center

Dentures are the cheapest, quickest method of replacing lost teeth. This makes them popular, but not especially effective. The article excerpted below addresses the downside of having traditional dentures:

  • They do not quite look as natural as dental implants.
  • They must be removed and thoroughly cleaned regularly. Many patients find the cleaning of cups and adhesives undesirable because they are messy and expensive.
  • Dentures are not worn overnight.
  • Sometimes dentures slip around making it difficult to speak and eat.
  • Certain foods cannot be eaten with dentures. Examples include caramel, apples and corn on the cob. Read more at Solstice Benefits…

The basic problem with dentures is their diminished capacity. In addition, they simply don’t offer the level of strength and stability that’s needed to adequately replace real teeth. According to research, individuals with traditional dentures can expect them to function at approximately 20 percent capacity of natural healthy teeth when it comes to strength and function. This is why adding dental implants to the formula is a game changer.

Denture Stabilization: Procedure and Benefits

Certainly, supporting your dentures with dental implants will instantly transform the experience of having dentures. They will have much more bite force, feel far more secure in your mouth and be a great deal more durable and long-lasting. Check out this piece to learn about the process and benefits of getting dental implants for denture stabilization:

Once, your dentist will place between two and four implants in an arch and will retrofit your dentures with snap-on attachments. These attachments hold the dentures firmly in place by the implants. Two implants are the minimum number placed to provide stability. Placing three or more implants will increase chewing power. Your dentures will still be easily removable for cleaning or other care.

Benefits of Denture Stabilization

  • Provides needed support for correct speaking, chewing and smiling.
  • Prevents facial shape changes caused by jawbone recession.
  • Provides an excellent alternative for those who do not want to pay for individual implants.
  • Dental adhesives are no longer necessary. Read more at Bradfordville Dental Care…

As noted in the above list of benefits, in addition preventing jawbone loss is a critical advantage that implants have over every other form of teeth replacement. Your jawbone supports the underlying structures of your face. Without it, your skin will sag and you will develop the hollow look that’s sometimes seen in traditional denture wearers. Implants stimulate the bone and keep it strong and dense. You might not guess that adding implants to your denture will keep you looking younger and healthier, but it’s true. Hence, Dental Implants transform Dentures.

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