What image comes to mind when you hear the word “bridge”? Like most people, it’s almost certainly a large structure that connects two places across an open space, such as a river, a highway or a railroad. While you don’t think of it first, in the same manner as a construction bridge, a dental bridge also spans a gap — one that exists between two teeth.

That said, you may want a clearer picture of what a dental bridge is and how it works.

Here is a more detailed dental implant bridges info:

A dental bridge is a type of dental prosthesis which literally bridges the gap between two teeth. If you have lost one or two teeth to decay or because of an accident, a bridge can make your smile complete again. Where more than two teeth in a row are missing, an implant-supported bridge may be an option – more on those later.

Tooth bridges come in a variety of materials and finishes. Metal alloys are usually the cheapest option, but they have the obvious disadvantage of looking nothing like natural teeth, although in the case of gold this is sometimes the goal.

Porcelain and ceramic bridges, when made well, look exactly like natural teeth. However, they come at a much higher cost because of the materials and lab work involved. Read more at Dentaly…

Therefore, You can thank dental science for the incredible advancements we enjoy today. The ability to restore a missing or damaged tooth with an implant replacement that looks, feels and functions like a real tooth is a gamechanger. Continue reading below to see how implants are used to create dental bridges.

Let’s take a closer look at implant-supported dental bridges and see how they compare with traditional bridges. Here is info of dental implant bridges major benefits.

Major benefits of dental implants

  • Dental-implant-supported teeth have nearly the full chewing power of natural teeth.
  • Implant-supported teeth do not include grinding down and weakening your adjacent teeth, as is necessary when placing a dental bridge.
  • Dental implants and the restorations they support look and function just like your natural teeth. You will be unable to tell the difference between a natural tooth and a tooth supported by a dental implant – they look and feel that natural.
  • Dental-implant-supported dentures remain firmly in place, need no adhesives, and provide enhanced chewing power. Read more at Grand River Dental…

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