Did you know that many people are born without all of their adult teeth? This can cause a host of issues in terms of dentition, self-esteem, chewing capacity, alignment and more. When individuals are congenitally missing one-to-six teeth, the condition is known as hypodontia. In this circumstance, a baby tooth falls out and there is no adult tooth waiting below. While some individuals retain baby teeth for their entire lives in these scenarios, it is more common for the roots of the baby teeth to reabsorb and the tooth to fall out. Harrell Dental Implant Center has seen it all and we can help restore your smile. First, let’s learn more about congenitally missing teeth:


Hypodontia is an inherited condition characterized by developmentally missing teeth, although absent third molars are a “normal” variation and may not be considered to be part of hypodontia. It is very rare in the primary dentition and more common in females than males, with a 3:2 ratio. In addition to missing teeth, people with hypodontia may have rather small or very conical teeth [145].

Hypodontia: less than six missing teeth (not taking into account the third molars)

Oligodontia: six or more missing permanent teeth (not taking into account the third molars)

Anodontia: no teeth present Continue reading at Science Direct

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It is never too late to improve your dentition. Having a functional, harmonious smile is vital for your physical and emotional health and well-being. Never be embarrassed by your teeth or let fear keep you from booking your dental implant consultation. We employ superior technology to minimize discomfort and streamline the entire dental implant process. We love to show clients how their current smile can be transformed.

There is nothing better than hearing how clients are able to chew their favorite foods once again and how thrilled they are with their brilliant new smile. Our team is here to help you enjoy your smile for a lifetime. If you thought dental implants were just for those suffering from poor oral hygiene, dental trauma or over-dentures, read more about congenital issues below:

The occurrence of oligodontia in the western world is estimated to be as high as 8.4 in 10,000 people (Bergendal et al. 2006). Missing teeth may pose not only impairment for patients in their social environments (such as school, sports, social network) but additionally may be the cause for difficulties in mastication and speech. Although tooth substitution by various prosthetical means has been practiced for the last several decades, no expansive studies on the efficacy of dental implants have been published to date. As the use of dental implants in maturing individuals is rather rare, it implies that prospective long-term studies are similarly scarce. Literature searches revealed that most of the presented studies are case reports. Nevertheless, the issue of treating oligodontia in adolescents has often remained underestimated. Continue reading from this research paper

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Regardless, if you are in the market for a single dental implant due to a missing tooth, multiple dental implants due to many missing teeth for genetic reasons or otherwise, we can help. Our compassionate team will assess your smile and give you the best options for moving forward. Sometimes, orthodontic therapy can close small gaps; however, molars and larger teeth or multiple missing teeth may benefit from a dental implant bridge or full arch replacement with an All-on-4 implant.

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