New Smile Preview

Welcome to the new age of dental technology. We want you to understand how amazing you will look after treatment. Let us envision the new you – for FREE.

TAKE A SELFIE AND SEND IT TO US, WE WILL SEND YOU BACK THE NEW YOU! With our smile technology simulation we can show you what a great smile you can have. It’s FREE with no obligation*, so go ahead and submit your photos today!

  1. Take a photo that is well lit, but avoid harsh flashes and strong window light.
  2. Capture a clear image of your face straight on at shoulder height.
  3. If you are taking a selfie, hold the camera as far away as possible. It might be helpful to have someone assist you, if possible.
  4. Be sure to smile! You want to show your teeth so we can show you the new ones. Give us a BIG SMILE.
  5. Don’t be shy; take several snaps and send the photos as is. There’s no need to apply any filters or crop them.
  6. Use the New You Smile Form to the right of this page to upload photos from your computer, or you can email them directly from your phone to
  7. If you send directly from your phone, you still need to submit the Smile Form to ensure that we have your information. Use the same email address to send your photos and form so we can match them.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 704-206-1330

Request a Smile Preview

  • Upload your selfie(s) here, or email them separately to

*Our new smile simulations are free but we reserve the right to limit the use of the service to dental implant candidates who are residents of North & South Carolina. We want to help everyone but if we don’t have the proper solution for your smile we may decline a proposal.

*Cancellation Policy

We are looking forward to your consultation and have booked time on our schedule for your visit. If you find that you cannot make your appointment we ask that you give us 24 hours notice. Appointments with no cancellations may be charged a fee.

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