Tooth loss can be the result of a variety of causes including injury, deficient care, genetics, gum disease and more. At Harrell Dental Implant Center, we restore missing teeth with a permanent solution that rivals natural teeth for producing a beautiful, functional smile. If you’re already missing all your teeth (a state clinically known as “edentulous”) or need to have them removed, don’t settle for years of dentures that lack strength and durability. Our dedicated and professional team can give you the smile of your dreams with an All-on-4 dental implant. Learn more about this breakthrough dental appliance:

The term All-on-4 refers to “all” teeth being supported “on four” dental implants, a surgical prosthodontics procedure for total rehabilitation of the edentulous patient or for patients with badly broken down teeth, decayed teeth or compromised teeth due to gum disease. … The four implants support a fixed prosthesis with 10 to 14 teeth and it is placed immediately, typically within 24 hours of surgery. Continue reading at Wikipedia

Implants restore teeth and quality of life

Once your dental implants have healed, you can care for them with a typical daily mouthcare regimen. Simply brush, floss and swish just as you would with natural teeth. In addition to gaining a brilliant smile that’s sure to increase your self-confidence, you can return your favorite hard or sticky foods to your diet. Items you could never enjoy without teeth or with dentures. All-on-4 dental implants offer another significant benefit that no other method of tooth replacement can: prevention of bone loss. Watch Dr. Robert L. Harrell’s YouTube video below for further insight:

To recap, here are the benefits of All-on-4 dental implants vs. other tooth replacement options:

  • All-on-4 implants require fewer posts and is thus a less involved procedure than placing many single implants at once.
  • All-on-4 is a much more secure option than traditional dentures. Because they are attached to posts which are anchored in the bone, they are immobile and much better suited for everyday life.
  • Unlike typical dentures, All-on-4 implants are permanent. Only Dr. Harrell can remove the arch of teeth.
  • The teeth which are attached to the All-on-4 system are much more lifelike than traditional dentures. They are made of porcelain, which has many excellent properties and can be milled to any shade of natural teeth. Learn more courtesy of Harrell Dental Implant Center


Let HDIC Help You Find Your Smile Again

To learn more about dental implants, including the All-on-4 procedure, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Harrell. He is the Charlotte area leader for dental implant procedures of all varieties. Call 704-206-1330 or use the contact form on the Harrell Dental Implant Center website to make your appointment. During your consultation a complimentary digital smile preview (an $85 value) will be created to show how you will appear when your implants are in place.