At Harrell Dental Implant Center, we understand how frustrating it can be when a dental restoration is past its prime. For many people, this problem will involve a traditional dental bridge that is beginning to fail. If you’ve had your bridge for 7-10 years, it probably isn’t functioning as well as it used to. In fact, you may even feel like it needs to be replaced already. That’s actually quite common with bridges of this age. To learn more, read about the issues with worn traditional bridges below:

When They Need Fixing

Dental bridges are an effective treatment for missing teeth, but they aren’t a permanent solution…. Because the abutment teeth are covered, signs of decay aren’t visible, and sensitivity in the teeth or gums around a dental bridge could be a sign that it needs repair. You might also notice or feel a crack in the tooth, or pieces of the porcelain may come off. If you notice chips or cracks in your dental bridge, or feel pain or sensitivity when chewing on it or brushing it, you should see your dentist. Read more from Colgate

Dental Bridge Replacement Dental Implant Bridge

Permanent Implant Bridges

Bridges that are anchored with dental implants are considered a permanent replacement option. Because traditional bridges have a temporary life span, they are not the value they seem to be. After replacing your appliance a few times, you will have spent much more than the cost of installing a permanent dental implant bridge. Switching appliances is the best way to proceed when problems arise with your traditional crown and bridge. Read more about this:

Dental Bridge Repair

Treatment to repair a dental bridge depends on the cause of the failure. If the issue is with an abutment tooth, the dentist must remove the bridge. Fixed bridges are typically cemented to the abutment teeth, so this often requires breaking the original bridge. Once the supporting teeth have been treated, and if they’re still healthy, a replacement bridge can be made. If the dentist can’t restore the abutment teeth, they can be replaced with implants that support a new bridge. The abutment teeth and the missing teeth can also be replaced with implants, which are placed surgically into the jaw bone. Read more from Colgate

A Lasting Smile Solution

Dr. Robert L. Harrell and his skilled team at Harrell Dental Implant Center are the leading providers of dental implants in the Charlotte metro region. Implants are the only teeth restoration method that offer all the benefits of natural teeth. They are as strong and as durable as your own teeth and they are indistinguishable in appearance. Significantly, implants are also the only replacement option that prevents bone loss. A dental implant bridge is a complete solution that addresses all the challenges of missing teeth. You will once again enjoy eating, drinking and smiling when your new permanent implant bridge is in place.

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