Dental implants are the best way to secure artificial teeth. Whether you are filling a small gap or replacing all the teeth in your mouth, studies show that individuals missing one or multiple teeth have the best overall success rate with dental implants. Dental implants most closely match the look and function of your original teeth thanks to the surgically placed titanium posts that act like your natural tooth root and provide a solid anchor point for the new artificial teeth.

The four varieties of dental implants are:

  • Single dental implant
  • Dental implant bridge
  • All-on-4 dental implant
  • Denture stabilization with implants

After tooth extraction, implants can be placed immediately post-extraction or implanted later. Your dentist will discuss the particulars of your case and offer his opinion of what will suit your mouth the best. Educating yourself on the procedure will help you follow post-operative instructions and facilitate the healing process. Your dentist can discuss any questions or concerns at your consultation.

Dental Implant Varieties Harrell Dental Implant Center

Single dental implant

This is a great option for a missing, broken, cracked or severely damaged tooth. The single dental implant consists of one titanium post surgically inserted. Next the abutment is attached which holds on the artificial tooth. No one will be able to tell the difference after the procedure between your implant and a real tooth. This is a great solution that will not affect the surrounding teeth.

Dental implant bridge

The dental implant bridge is a way for patients to receive multiple artificial teeth at once. The anchor points of the bridge are in fact dental implants as opposed to traditional bridges that attach to surrounding teeth. Flossing and brushing can continue as normal with this option; preventing decay to surrounding teeth. This option is by far the superior and more permanent choice when compared to a traditional bridge.

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All-on-4 dental implant

Sometimes patients require a full upper or lower arch of new teeth. The best way to achieve the results you desire is to consider an All-on-4 dental implant, which uses four (or more if needed) posts to anchor an entire arch of prosthetic teeth. This cutting-edge procedure is a breakthrough for patients who would otherwise need extensive dental work. With an All-on-4, an individual’s bite and smile are permanently restored.

Denture stabilization with implants

Traditional removable dentures have earned a reputation for being breakable, loose and uncomfortable. Many products have flooded the market to try and help keep these appliances in people’s mouths but to no avail. Patients commonly have to get new liners, have numerous fittings and purchase subsequent sets throughout their lifetime as their gums become inflamed and worn down from the continuous rubbing.

Thankfully, denture stabilization has been realized with the help of implants. Patients can regain their confidence for eating, talking, chewing and laughing. As well, studies show that the surgically implanted posts help to maintain jaw bone density and prevent premature aging by keeping the structure of the face supported.

To learn more about how your smile can be restored with dental implant varieties, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Robert Harrell at Harrell Dental Implant Center. He is the top-rated provider of Charlotte dental implants of all varieties. Call 704-206-1330 or use the contact form on the HDIC website to make your appointment. During your consultation a complimentary digital smile preview (an $85 value) will be created to show how you will appear when your implants are in place.

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